Under the development and retail aegis of Endeavor Real Estate

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These two design plans show the Domain project in cheap replica handbags its current state and what’s envisioned 10 years down the road, assuming this multiphase centerpiece of «Downtown North» stays on course. Under the development and retail aegis of Endeavor Real Estate Group and Simon Property Group (with a Phase I start up carrot from the city), this onetime IBM campus is being transformed into a mix of shops, residences, offices, and hotels. The first retail phase of the project the upscale Domain I shopping district opened this year with anchors Neiman Marcus and Macy’s.

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Despite all the gun violence in this country, I have never once advocated repealing the Second Amendment. When that occurred Republicans controlled Congress and repeatedly defeated any attempts at gun legislation. In response, Obama issued 13 executive orders focused on gun violence.

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