Sprouse died of lung cancer in 2004

Super luxury homes are not just merely judged upon their value. Today, it has become a necessity for people to stay near their workplaces, with plush amenities and a good security system. Ultra luxury apartments are mostly located in ideal and prime locations in the city.

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☞ three dimensional rectangle / square / term :::
►Great • • volume = side (internal part)
• curved = 6 side² (outer part)
the Karna = Bhuja 3

Volume = Length x Width x Height

(internal part)
Curve = 2 (lb + bh + hl) (External part)
• diagonal = √ (length² + width = +2 high altitude²)

• curved = 3πr² (exterior part)
• volume = (4/3) πr³ ( Inner part)
curved = 2πrh (exterior part)
whole leaf = 2πr (h + r)
volume = πr²h (internal part)

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