This sumptuously illustrated volume is published to accompany

It was acquired by the Cabinet des mdailles et antiques of the Bibliothque Royale (now the Dpartement des Monnaies, mdailles et antiques of the Bibliothque nationale de France), where it was displayed until late 2010, when it was brought in its entirety to the Getty Villa together with four large, late antique silver plates, each with its own colorful history, for comprehensive conservation treatment. This sumptuously illustrated volume is published to accompany an exhibition of the same name, opening at the Getty Villa on November 18, 2014. It presents the highlights of the treasure and other Roman luxury arts from the holdings of the Cabinet des mdailles including precious gems, jewelry, gold coins, and colored marbles and contextualizes them in a series of elucidating essays..

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Lavender Illusion with citrus caviar and lavender. [«Lavender Illusion opens with a bright surprise: a refreshing blend of the citrus caviar, reminiscent of cool ocean air, green notes of galbanum essence, and ripe notes of the blackcurrant. At its heart is a unique harmony of lavender and lavandin that is at once fresh, floral, and aromatic, which softens to a woody and sensual olfactory signature comprised of patchouli essence, musk accords and pine essence.»].

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