EBay is among the fastest and most comprehensive selling

Although there are many steps and precautions to take while selling militaria, careful and conscientious sellers will have no problems. EBay is among the fastest and most comprehensive selling platforms in the world, and collectors prize the system because of its ease of use, cost effective transactions, and both buyer and seller protection. Create a listing on eBay now to start selling your military memorabilia..

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Product features:
— Location / Tracking — Provides the exact location of the vehicle via SMS or Internet (GPRS), informing the speed, location, date and time, whether the motor is switched on, if the door is — Speed ​​Alert — It can be programmed for the device to send an SMS to the registered numbers if the device is — SOS — It has a panic button, and when triggered an alert SMS is sent to the registered cell phones, informing them of the emergency inside the car (assault, hijacking, etc.). — Remote Listening Function — You hide the device in the desired location, then send an SMS by activating the then you connect to the device’s chip, it picks up the connection and the microphone from the high sensitivity will allow you to hear everything that is going on in the perimeter of up to 5 — Automatic Carrier — If the vehicle is moved from a parked location (trailer, direct connection, — Fuel Cut https://www.replicagoyardbags.com — By simply sending an SMS for the chip that is in the tracker with a pre-established message, you will cut the fuel and / or ignition and trigger the siren of the
Items included:
01 Tracker Locator Blocker gps / gsm / gprs
01 microphone
01 relay
01 cd software
whips for installation
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