MODELS/BROTHER SISTER: Mary (12 year old) wearing Light Sea

The classification of CFCs as a hazardous substance followed from the provisions of (and subsequent regulations adopted pursuant to) that law. Thus, starting in January 1992, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required that the refrigerant in all automotive air conditioning systems be recovered during any servicing of the system. During this period, R 134a replaced R 12 as the refrigerant gas used in automotive air conditioning systems..

The 2 Brahmins called Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta now saw a ray of hope and they reached the program hall. The program commenced and many scholarly Pandits read out blessings in poetry form penned in Gujarati language. Both Shivabhatta and Vishnubhatta stood at a distance watching the proceedings going on.

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With that in mind, it was absolutely time to put this lofty guarantee to the test. The stories of people bringing back years old camping gear and footwear and receiving brand new replacements sounded too good to be true. Bean Blucher Mocs that I seldom wore anymore since the stitching on one of the shoes came undone.

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