And so it was that David Soul became Covered Man

In 1967, David Soul was an aspiring folk singer with an apparently debilitating problem: his blond and chiseled Scandinavian good looks made it difficult for audiences to focus on his music. And so it was that David Soul became Covered Man, making 25 appearances on The Merv Griffin Show with a guitar in his hands and a black wool ski mask covering his face. No, this was not a comedy act, but it was certainly a brilliant gimmick, and it worked like a charm David Soul decided it was safe to doff the ski mask, that is.

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— Brightness adjustment and — Allows the inclusion of 3 additional cameras (Acquired separately). — TV output (Not included with cable). — Station for recharge of — Monitor and a — Digital Technology — Voltage: 110V

• 1x Touch Screen Monitor 1x Rechargeable Monitor Stand
1x Monitor / Base Charger 1x Rotating Camera e Night Vision
1x Camera Dock
1x Camera Charger

Obs: As you can see in the photos, the screen is cracked, however fully functional!.

The 53 year old unemployed gardener attacked the Labour MP in June, one week before the British referendum on leaving the European Union. The court heard that Mair said, is for Britain, Britain independent, and first as he stabbed and shot Cox, who was a 41 year old mother of two. Mair was charged and found guilty on the four counts of Cox murder; the grievous bodily harm of 77 year old bystander Bernard Carter Kenny; possession of the firearm with intent to commit an offense; and possession of a dagger, the Guardian reports.

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