Lawyer Friendly Cameo: A Mickey Mouse esque doll appears in

Funny Background Event: During the scene where Victor Maynott and Inspector P are talking with each other about the current flood and how to take care of it, all the while you can see Albert fruitlessly struggling to uncork the bottle of wine he’s brought for the pair, from using his teeth to holding it with his feet, until finally he manages to get it off after the word «pop». Fun with Homophones: The French version of the song «La Seine et moi» plays on the words «Seine» and «Scene» (the stage) sounding the same.

Celine Replica handbags Mana Burn: If the Ice Wizard boss hits you with the dragon head attack, it’ll Replica Celine drain your heart stock. Meaningful Background Event: On the background of the second area of Block 2 you can see winged shapes with spears flying by. They attack you ten seconds later. Mirror Match: Fittingly, Fake Simon emerges from a mirror himself. He’ll take you on with whatever whip upgrades you have as well as your currently equipped weapon. New Game+: Each play through bumps the difficulty, for a max of 8 different play throughs Ninja Maid: Unlike the later vacuuming martial artists, these lithely leap around and throw knives. Celine Replica handbags

Celine Bags Outlet Jail Bake: Convict Dishonest John gets a birthday cake full of tools but the guard makes him eat it all up in front of him. Lawyer Friendly Cameo: A Mickey Mouse esque doll appears in one episode on Cecil’s head. Also in «Beany Cecil Meet Billy The Squid» (first produced in 1959 and screened in Canadian theatres), Uncle Captain is wearing Mickey Mouse ears. In «The Seventh Voyage of Singood,» when Captain Huffenpuff tells the crew to watch out for Singood the Sailor Man (actually Dishonest John), Cecil’s face turns into Popeye. Medium Awareness: Frequent examples, such as the one given for Big Ball of Violence above. No Fourth Wall: Most of the characters take their time to address the audience. Painted Tunnel, Real Train: Go Man Van Gogh can paint things in mid air that become real, such as a vine to swing on. Panty Shot: Mainly by Sisterbelle, sister of Matty (the «King of Toys,» mascot for Mattel) in the host segments of Matty’s Funnies With Beany Cecil. Beany’s girl friend Baby Ruthie had a couple as well. Rebus Bubble: The little alien Beepin’ Tom (featured in Ain’t I A Little Stinger?), whose dialogue consists of rebuses, as shown in standard comic book dialogue balloons («O», buoy, arrow pointing towards a Joker card and a «s» and some nuts, which reads as «Oh boy, this joker’s nuts,» referring to Dishonest John). Recycled Soundtrack: Some of the shorts recycle music from Leave It to Beaver and the Walter Lantz cartoons. Shout Out: AC/DC’s title «Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap» is a reference to a phrase used by Dishonest John. Harecules the Hare wears a long red sweater with his initial on it. After Cecil’s face (with a Mickey Mouse doll on it) gets mauled by a cat, he says, «I tawt I taw a putty tat!». Since Clampett also created Tweety, this doubles as a Creator In Joke. Cecil gets wrapped up in a strait jacket meant for the Wildman of Wildsville, and the sleeves are raised up making him look like a rabbit. Take That!: Against a certain animation studio and its theme park in the «Beanyland» episode. Thick Line Animation Celine Bags Outlet

replica celine bags Takeru is one of Mizuki’s father’s students. If Its You Its OK: As Mizuki starts to become more feminine, he begins fantasizing about Takeru. In the final chapter he decides to remain a girl and they hook up. Late in the series, Fujiwara confesses that she has fallen in love with Mizuki and doesn’t care whether Mizuki is biologically male or female. Unfortunately for her, Mizuki decides to hook up with Takeru instead. Jizzed in My Pants: As a result of a badly placed rope (courtesy of Loki). replica celine bags

Celine Replica Bags 11th Hour Ranger: One per route. Emotionless Girl: Lapis and Zilva. The Emperor: Soltier. From what we already know about him, he’s one of the nastier varieties. Enfante Terrible: Possessed!Emilia in route B. Escort Mission: There are several missions where you have to protect Velleman from being attacked. Quite frustrating, since in the A route, it becomes apparent that he’s quite capable of taking care of his own damn self. Et Tu, Brute?: Medoute in one ending. Although he’s urged to kill her, Gulcasa lets her go, exiling her instead Celine Replica Bags.

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